I feel immensely fortunate to work with two of the things I love most in life; playing music and lute making. Building a historical instrument from a few planks of rough-sawn timber is by itself a very satisfying experience that peaks the moment I put strings on it, and I play the music of the great old lute and vihuela masters that has been an integral part of my life for the last 30 years.

I conceive playing and building lutes as facets of a combined discipline, insights and understanding of each influencing the other. This approach is not only inspirational but also yields practical results. In my conception of early plucked instrument building, an instrument begins mainly as an idea of a particular sound that is moulded by the type of instrument, the intended repertoire, my hands-on experience as well as my personal taste and that of the customer. I search for that distinct sound quality in the carefully selected wood and its resonance as I carve, cut, saw and shape it until that ideal sound becomes a reality.

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